Story behind the song “Healer”

Grab a Kleenex and watch this amazing story.



4 Responses to “Story behind the song “Healer””

  1. This is an article from the HIllsong church webpage about the Healer Story. As you see it is very current.

    Removal of a song from the album This Is Our God
    On August 20, 2008, Michael Guglielmucci, a former Planetshakers pastor who composed a number of songs for Hillsong, including “Healer” from the album This Is Our God – a song about his cancer struggle – admitted he had lied about ever having cancer in the first place. Representatives of churches with which Mr. Guglielmucci had affiliations told the press they were totally unaware of the situation. In an e-mail sent to Hillsong members, the church’s general manager George Aghajanian said the news was even a shock to Mr Guglielmucci’s own family and that the suspended pastor was seeking professional help. A statement is expected to be read at congregations affiliated with Australian Christian Churches on Sunday, August 24, 2008. The ACC promised that all money donated by listeners inspired by the song will be returned or donated to charity, and is currently auditing Mr. Guglielmucci’s bank accounts to determine the amount of funds raised. [9] [10]The track “Healer” was promptly removed from the tracklist of the album This Is Our God on Hillsong’s website where one can buy MP3 tracks [1], and there are plans to revoke CDs and DVDs that contain the song.

  2. The reality is that Healer is an amazing song and would have touched people without the story behind it. I think is absolutely appalling that Mr. Guglielmucci would lie about having cancer. However, the Healer in the song is still the great Healer!

  3. wadehopkins Says:

    Here is a link about the writer’s confession. Pretty shocking. I am so grateful that the words are true, regardless of what this man was going through at the time he wrote the song. I am also thankful God is a great forgiver as well as healer.,21985,24242695-662,00.html

  4. I dont think this song should be removed from anyone’s cd’s as this is still an incredible song and hope for people going through though times…should we state the true story behind this? Yes, but highlight the part that the God in that song is still the same God before the song was written and after… God is my HEALER!!!

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